Erotic & Tantric Massage For Women in Phoenix

Offering a selection of massages to women in Phoenix looking for something a little naughty.

Erotic Massage for Women in Phoenix

An erotic massage is performed completely naked and is not the same as a regular massage in that the erogenous zones of the body are targeted during course of the sensual massage.  Every part of your body is touched, the end result is you feeling sexually awoken and stimulated.  I am available for women of all ages in Phoenix who want to explore their sexuality.

Tantric Massage for Women in Phoenix

A tantric massage takes the sensual massage to another level with all parts of your Yoni (clitoris, vulva and g-spot) massaged.  Massaging the g-spot, where deep feelings of sexual and spiritual ecstasy can be unlocked is incredibly erotic and the end results can be quite astounding.

Naturist Massage for Women in Phoenix

I offer a full body nude massage for women in Phoenix .  A naturist massage is practiced totally nude, you and I or just you are naked, this helps both the recipient of the treatment and me to be on a more equal level, making the experience more relaxing and beneficial. The naked massage I offer has an holistic approach, meaning our massage experience is not just physical, it is deeper, incorporating the mind, body and spirit.

What some of my clients have said

I was nervous but curious about exploring the power and beauty of a yoni massage. I was put totally at ease and felt safe. We started with some breathing exercises and I melted into the table. I have never had such a deeply beautiful and moving massage.


He was accommodating and reassuring from the moment I arrived putting me completely at ease. The experience really was on another level to anything I've felt before


That was ninety minutes of pure bliss, I loved being spoilt and being the centre of attention. I wish I could have you all to myself!


He definitely knows what he is doing with his hands!


It was a pleasure to be massaged, he has a special skill that made me comfortable within 90 minutes of massage. With his sensitive and amazing hands literally it was a massage of wonderful feelings. I will definitely come back again.


During my first session, all of my pent up fears, insecurities and self-doubt melted away in a blissful haze. Afterwards, I felt sexier and more desirable than I had for years.


Price List

Prices quoted (USD) are for an an hour of massage (except where quoted), longer sessions are available.

Naturist Massage

We can both be naked or just you to receive a relaxing full body massage.

Sensual Massage

As per a naturist massage with added sensual and erotic touches to awaken and channel your sexual energy. 

Yoni Massage / Tantric Massage

As per a sensual massage but also includes a massage of your 'sacred space', also known as a tantric massage.

Reverse Holistic

A ninety minute naturist, sensual or yoni massage with the added twist of you massaging me and reciprocating the incredible sensations brought about through touch.

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