Erotic Massage for Couples

I offer a range of massages for couples who might be seeking to enhance or improve their relationship with the excitement of having a third person join them.

Cuckold Massage

Perfect for male partners wanting to give their female partner a special treat. Sometimes the male partner wants to watch me giving the massage or is simply happy to wait outside and returning at the end.


4 Hands Massage

When two hands simply won't do, a four hands massage really does provide for a unique experience.  As well giving your partner a mind-blowing massage I can help you learn new techniques.


Couples Cuckold Massage

A Cuckold Massage is perfect for a couple where the male partner wants to watch his female (or male) partner receive a sensual massage while he watches from beginning to end without joining in. As well as enjoying seeing their partner experience the pleasures of this massage it also provides a perfect opportunity to learn a few techniques in erotic arousal.


This type of massage is great for:

  • Female partner wants to explore sensual and erotic arousal but is more comfortable with partner present.
  • Male partner likes to watch his female partner receiving sensual and erotic arousal from another person without taking part
  • Female partner likes to perform for her partner
  • Male Partner wants to explore his sexuality but in the presence of his female partner
  • Female partner wants to watch her male partner being sensually massaged by another man
  • Gay Male partner wants to watch his partner being sensually massaged by another man

For a female the Cuckold Massage often enables her to experience a different type of touch and sensual dynamic from a man than the one she regularly experiences. This often means she may enjoy sensations that she may have not felt before and so is particularly good for women who experience difficulty reaching orgasm.

Couples 4 Hands Massage

A Four Hands Couples massage is probably the most popular couples massage I give because it enables one partner to enjoy the sensual element of the massage and explore the gradual arousal that it encourages whilst the other partner watches. Then after about 30-45 minutes, as the more erotic energy kicks in, the partner can join in with me and the massage becomes a 4 hands experience with all the excitement and exploration that comes with that. 

This type of massage is great for:

  • The woman who has wondered what it would be like to be desired and pampered by two men at the same time.
  • Male partner wants to perform for his female partner
  • The gay man who wants to watch his partner enjoy the experience and then join in towards the end.
  • Female receiver wants to watch her male partner explore same sex intimacy
  • The straight or bisexual man who wants to explore his sexuality with his female partner watching and then taking part.
  • Female partner is aware that male partner is bisexual and wants to enable the opportunity safely and without deception.
  • Improving my confidence in giving foreplay
  • Learning how to arouse my partner better

Frequently Asked Questions by Couples

What do I do during my couples massage?

Make yourself comfortable in your familiar surroundings. If I need to adjust your position I will either move you or ask you to move as necessary. Otherwise, change your position anytime to make yourself more comfortable - don't feel you need to remain completely still. Many people close their eyes and relax completely during a session. This is your time; whatever feels natural to you is the best way to relax. Do not hesitate to ask questions at any time.

Do you do outcalls/hotel visits?

Yes, I am more than happy to visit you in your home or visit you in your hotel, a small fee will be added to cover my travelling costs.

Please bear in mind if you want me to bring my professional massage (which is portable) I will need some floor space approximately 1m x 2m to erect it.

Are there any terms and conditions associated with a booking?

Yes, for the protection of you and me, I have a full set of terms and condtions published here:


Absolut Luxe Massage Terms & Conditions

Do you accept older clients?

Yes, I accept older clients. In fact, anyone from age 18 to 80 is welcome. As long as there are no major health issues or contra-indications that might prohibit someone; anyone can enjoy my naturist or erotic massages. In fact, many of my clients are mature with many into their 60s and 70s.

Do I need to orgasm when experiencing a couples massage?

Orgasm for a woman during an couples massage is desirable but should never be the goal. Aiming for that elusive orgasm can spoil the massage and actually stop the orgasm happening. The entire massage is a comprehensive sensual experience and for a woman (and, incidentally, some men) actual orgasm may not be necessary to make her feel totally relaxed and fulfilled.

Do we need to shave before our couples massage?

The short answer is no. You really don’t need to shave for my couples massage. But I do understand why so many couples ask this question. It’s normal to want to look and feel good; to feel comfortable when you undress. However, having underarm/pubic hair will not interfere with your massage at all, nor will it matter to me. I don’t want you to be worrying about it when you should be focused on enjoying your massage. And shaving could cause skin irritation – not what you want just before your session. So, just come as you!

This sounds amazing - how do I book?

I only work part time as a masseur so booking early is recommended.  I can be contacted by mobile +44 (0)7411543681 or by emailing me direct 

Who should go first during our couples massage?

I find it works best if the man goes first as they tend to ease into the swing of things a lot quicker while the woman can soak up the sexual energy in the room in preparation for her turn.

Will my massage end if I have an orgasm part way through the session?

Our session ends when the booked time is up. I offer an erotic/tantric massage service based on time and will continue your massage until your time has elapsed.

Can I touch during my couples massage?

It's normal to feel the urge to connect with the person giving you a couples massage and you will feel my body on yours.  However, this isn't a sexual service.

What do you look like?

I am often asked this question and for obvious reasons chose not to publicly display my photo - I am extremely discrete and my clients should trust me in that regard. I am originally from the Midlands, am a white British male, well-groomed and impeccably clean. I am late-30s, in good shape and well blessed.

I'm conscious about my body shape/size

Relax, I have seen all sorts of bodies in my career, it's part of what makes us unique.  The lighting will be low and once I start to massage you all your fears will dissolve away.

What some of my clients have said

We had an amazing evening, he helped me massage Julia so she could experience a 4 hands massage. It's safe to say that Julia will be wanting to come back again.

John & Julia

The combination of soft hands and body being so close brought both us too many energetic peaks. We would recommend this massage experience to any loving couple, a highly sensual experience in a relaxed, respectful atmosphere. We will both be back again when next in the area.

John and Sue

We were both had a massage at our hotel as a treat for our wedding anniversary. He was well prepared and didn't disappoint. If we are ever back in the area we will seek out the services of this fine young man.

Nick and Anne

Price List

Prices quoted are for an an hour of massage (unless stated), longer sessions are available.

Naturist Massage

I can massage one or both of you while the other watches with all of us or just you naked.

Sensual Massage

As per a naturist massage with added sensual and erotic touches to promote sexual awakening. 


We take a sensual massage to another level and massage her, him or both of you the addition of a massage of the lingham or yoni.

Reverse Holistic

A ninety minute naturist, sensual or yoni massage with the added twist of either one or both of you massaging me and reciprocating the incredible sensations brought about through touch.

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