Erotic Massage for Women & Couples

I'm a trained massage therapist offering massages that aren't your typical spa experience. Trained in the art of sensual, erotic, yoni and tantric massage techniques I offer massages to women and couples only.

Erotic Massage

A sensual or erotic massage uses strokes and touches designed to stimulate your senses and push your boundaries. Combine this with a yoni massage for a truly mind-blowing experience.


Naturist Massage

Receiving a massage completely naked can be incredibly liberating, doing away with restrictive clothing and returning to our natural state allows you to relax more and bond with your masseur.


Couples Massage

Having a third person join you can be great way to enhance or liven up a relationship. With a multitude of ways to achieve this, a couples massage can be a great experience for you both.



I trained to be a professional massage therapist back in 2001 and worked in several boutiques and spas before going freelance in 2006. Realising that there was a niche market for naturist massage I started offering fully naked massages as part of my repertoire. In 2008 I attended the School of Holistic Yoga and Ayurveda in Goa and perfected the art of lingham and yoni massage.


I love the power of touch and it's ability to transform the mental and physical well-being of a person. For me, a normal spa type massage is too restrictive and too stuffy - we should embrace the freedom of being touched in our natural state. Having the ability to bring pleasure into someone's life through touch is wonderful thing.

What some of my clients have said

We had an amazing evening, he helped me massage Julia so she could experience a 4 hands massage. It's safe to say that Julia will be wanting to come back again.

John & Julia

He was accommodating and reassuring from the moment I arrived putting me completely at ease. The experience really was on another level to anything I've felt before


That was ninety minutes of pure bliss, I loved being spoilt and being the centre of attention. I wish I could have you all to myself!


He definitely knows what he is doing with his hands!


You touched me in places I never knew existed, I don't know what you did with your hands but it was amazing. I can't wait to have you treat me again.


During my first session, all of my pent up fears, insecurities and self-doubt melted away in a blissful haze. Afterwards, I felt sexier and more desirable than I had for years.


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